It’s 2018 baby! And with that comes a plethora of new comic book movies and TV shows. From Black Lightning in January to Aquaman in December, we’re going to break them ALL down to decide which ones will be a hit, and which ones might be a bit sh*t. Plus we’ll pick our most anticipated films of the year that aren’t named Avengers: Infinity War.


PLUS, this week we attempt to break down the new appointment of Walter Hamada as President of DC Films over at Warner Bros. (you’re in the bin Geoff Johns), dissect Jodie Foster’s comments on the negative impact of the superhero genre on film (Jodie who?) AND try to find out what job might best be suited for Thanos, now we know his real name! Plus you asked, we delivered as we bring you a brand new Comic of the Week as the segment finally returns!


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Avoid The Spoilers!

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