With less than two months to go before the biggest event in the history of comic book movies hits cinemas, we kick off the FIRST of our Road to Infinity War specials by asking the question: Where is that damn Soul Stone?? Many think Wakanda, others think within Heimdall, Kade thinks…well you’re not gonna believe what Kade thinks! There will be more Road to Infinity War specials dropping in the coming weeks to help keep you hyped so stay tuned!

PLUS we talk about THAT first look at Zachary Levi in costume as Shazam and discuss the potential casting choices of Chris Hemsworth in a Men in Black reboot and Kristen Wiig as Cheetah in the upcoming Wonder Woman 2.

This week’s CC Brag Board features Paul Przytula and his hilarious The Countdown: Movie and TV Reviews podcast! Paul and his co-host Wayne banter their way through a movie or TV related list each week, counting it down from 10 to 1 in order of awesomeness! Catch them on http://thecountdownmoviesandtv.podomatic.com/ or search for The Countdown on iTunes!


News: 2:00

Where is the Soul Stone?: 20:13

Listener Questions: 44:25


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