On this week’s show we celebrate the cultural phenomenon that is HARRY POTTER, currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first publication, by answering the questions on every Potterhead’s lips like: What is it about the Harry Potter world that makes it so beloved, what would the world be like if Harry died and Voldy won and IS Harry Potter actually any good at being a wizard? On top of that we break down not one but THREE major trailers as we discuss the new offerings from JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle, Netflix’s westernized DEATH NOTE movie and of course the highly divisive Marvel’s INHUMANS plus we’ve got an all new What You Should Be Watching! Leave us a question and have it played and answered on the show! Just call the number in the show notes below. Go on, call it!


News: 2:00

Harry Potter Celebration: 34:25

What You Should Be Watching: 1:11:48


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