On this week’s show we swung into cinemas to see the latest, most hotly anticipated big screen incarnation of everybody’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Dude, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, which hit cinemas on July 6th, to find out whether Jon Watts and Tom Holland really have created what a lot of people are calling the best onscreen Spider-Man to date! On top of that we discuss the rumours surrounding WONDER WOMAN’s potential venture into the 80’s to battle Soviets, Matt Reeves “scrapping” of Affleck’s BATMAN script, STRANGER THINGS 2 and much, much more! PLUS we’ve got a listener question of the week that should probably come with it’s own trigger warning! Don’t forget, every week we have our Listener Questions call-in segment where we take your recorded questions, play them on air and answer them live and uncensored! If you want to get involved, check out the phone number in the show notes and leave us a question!  


News: 2:00

Homecoming Non Spoilers: 30:09

Homecoming Spoilers: 48:00

Listener Questions: 1:12:10


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