Apologies for the audio in the middle of this week’s episode, we had a few technical difficulties that affected the quality of our sound – please don’t hate us!

Piss off ghost! Thor: Ragnarok is the hilarious third instalment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor franchise and the latest movie from acclaimed New Zealand Director Taika Waititi. With a Certified Fresh rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes we went and watched it to decide whether or not we think it deserves the title of one of Marvel’s best reviewed movies to date!

PLUS, in this week’s edition of Lightning News we discuss Zachary Levi being cast as Shazam, the OG Batman theme making a comeback for Justice League, Ron Howard reshooting pretty much ALL of Solo and a potential return to Middle Earth with a Lord of the Rings TV series.

Also, we have our Listener Questions segment (it’s back this week!) and we want you to get involved! Yes, YOU! Either hit us up via Facebook or Twitter, email us at comicconpod@gmail.com or call the listener hotline below and we’ll answer your question on the show!  


Avoid The Spoilers!

News: 2:00

Thor 3 Non Spoilers: 19:50

Thor 3 Spoilers: 31:43

Listener Questions: 58:00


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