On this week’s show we are joined by VERY special guests and super top blokes, Mitch and Dando from Australia’s biggest (and now officially sexiest) Simpsons podcast: Four Finger Discount!! We asked you guys to give us your top moments of all time, from one of the greatest shows of all time, and we got Mitch and Dando to help us break them down like only a couple of Simpsons aficionados could! Make sure you do yourself a favour and check out their show, Four Finger Discount, or visit the guys on social media by any of their links below!

PLUS, in this week’s edition of Lightning News we try to figure out exactly who the kid is cast to play Billy Batson in Shazam while ALSO trying to figure out whether Shazam villain Black Adam should pop up in Suicide Squad 2 (it’ll all make sense, trust us). We also tackle the potential 20th Century Fox sale to Disney, Rotten Tomatoes announcing Wonder Woman as the highest rated comic book movie of all time PLUS we’re getting a new Star Wars trilogy and the Looper guy is creating it!!

Also, we have our Listener Questions segment and we want you to get involved! Yes, YOU! Either hit us up via Facebook or Twitter, email us at comicconpod@gmail.com or call the listener hotline below and we’ll answer your question on the show!  


News: 2:00

Four Finger Discount: 20:54

Listener Questions: 1:26:22


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