On this week’s show we’re ALL IN for our review of the highly anticipated latest entry into the DC Films slate; Justice League! With all the controversy surrounding multiple directors, extensive reshoots, bat bulges and Stache-gate we’re here to sort truth from fiction as we decide whether the latest from Director Zack Snyder comes close to deserving the somewhat harsh critical reception it’s already received.

PLUS, in this week’s edition of Lightning News we’ve got aliens, dick jokes and giant monkeys as we break down the brand new trailers for Agents of SHIELD, Deadpool 2 and the latest from The Rock, Rampage! Oh, and there’s a Multiple Man movie coming. Starring James Franco. From the writer of Wonder Woman…Seriously!!

Also, we have our Listener Questions segment (it’s back this week!) and we want you to get involved! Yes, YOU! Either hit us up via Facebook or Twitter, email us at comicconpod@gmail.com or call the listener hotline below and we’ll answer your question on the show!  


Avoid The Spoilers!

News: 2:00

Justice League Non Spoilers: 27:02

Justice League Spoilers: 48:11

Listener Questions: 1:11:31


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