Break open your box of Eggos and get ready to take a trip back to Hawkins, Indiana and into the Upside Down as we bring you our full Season 2 wrap up of Stranger Things! Covering events from all 9 episodes we break down all the things the show got right, all the things it got wrong and decide whether the Duffer brothers were able to recapture the brilliance of season one.

No news this week due to the need to pre-record this ep, but Lightning News will be back in all its glory next week! This week you can check out “Future News”! How did we go? Did we predict the future??

Also, we have our Listener Questions segment (it’s back this week!) and we want you to get involved! Yes, YOU! Either hit us up via Facebook or Twitter, email us at or call the listener hotline below and we’ll answer your question on the show!  

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