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Comic of the Week: DC Rebirth ‘Holiday Special’

That’s right! DC Rebirth celebrates the end of the year with their MASSIVE ‘Holiday Special’ featuring just about every one of your favourite heroes and delivering 11 different stories filled with holiday spirit! From Harley Quinn hosting a tv style holiday bash to Super-Man battling to get his son the perfect toy, to The Flash teaming up with The Rogues to help deliver presents to orphans and to Batman teaming up with Detective Chimp to solve the mystery of the missing reindeer, there’s something here for everyone! Sure, it’s all a little cheesy but at the end of the day if...

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Comic of the Week: Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #3

What can you say that hasn’t already been said in the title?! This is the series that is bringing you everybody’s favourite lawmaker face to face with not one but 4 (so far) Predators and a whole bunch of Xenomorphs! We’re here to talk about the third issue of Dark Horse Comics insane action crossover and man, it does not disappoint! Dredd and his team of three judges have chased an emoji-faced (yes) criminal cult leader into the wilds of the Alabama Morass. Meanwhile, a team of Predators have arrived with the sole purpose of rescuing a kidnapped comrade. What they...

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Comic of the Week: Venom #1

Venom is back! Marking the long-time Spider-Man foes first appearance since separating from its previous host Flash Thompson (you know, Joe Manganiello from that Spider-Man movie), Venom #1 takes everybody’s favourite lizard tongued symbiote out of space and puts him firmly back on Terra Firma (that’s science-y talk for Earth). No Longer a Guardian of the Galaxy and no longer the Space Knight, Venom is in search of a new host. Understanding that life as a good guy is not all it’s cracked up to be, the symbiote is looking to make a few changes. Enter former Army Ranger...

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Comic of the Week: Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York #1

Who doesn’t love 80’s action movies right?! Usually a combination of extreme machismo, ultra violence, nudity and explosions crafted together to bring us 90 minutes of pure, unadulterated awesomeness. And when you think about iconic 80’s action heroes, two usually pop up on everybody’s list; Jack Burton and Snake Plissken! Both of whom, happen to be portrayed by the legendary Kurt Russell who, as we know, is basically a god amongst men! Now Greg Pak and Boom! studios, with the complete consent of the man behind both movies John Carpenter, have brought BOTH of these iconic big screen heroes...

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Comic Of The Week: Thanos #1

Thanos! While the mere name sends chills down the spine of any hero in the Marvel universe, the Mad Titan had just tasted defeat during the recent events of Civil War II. Now, escaping his imprisonment, Thanos is out to take back what is his and his first stop, the Black Quadrant where former lieutenant Corvus Glaive has taken the throne and control of the Black Order. Meanwhile amongst the ruins of Titan, Death, former mistress to the genocidal tyrant, is plotting his demise and has enlisted a rag tag bunch of “heroes” (we use the word lightly) to...

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