For episode 66 and right in time for May the 4th we were incredibly lucky to be joined by SPECIAL GUEST, podcasting legend and Star Wars aficionado STEELE SAUNDERS to talk about his time at Celebration in Orlando, his expectations for The Last Jedi and of course his general love of all things Star Wars! On top of that we discuss the exciting potential of a Robert Zemeckis directed Flash movie, live action Teen Titans, the new Kingsman trailer and of course the most exciting news of all, Jeff Goldblum’s upcoming Jurassic World 2 appearance! Don’t forget to check out our other show The Weekly Wrap for all your comic book and pop culture TV recaps! New episodes are out Sunday so go hit that subscribe button!


Avoid the spoilers!

News: 2:00

Steele Saunders: 23:31

Comic of the Week: 1:28:18









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