On a MONSTER episode of Comic Confidential we’re joined by super SPECIAL GUEST Levins, host of the ever awesome Serious Issues podcast! Sure, we know some stuff, but we wanted to use HIS incredible knowledge of comic books to review the first series of FX’s Legion and see how it stacks up against it’s comic counterpart!! PLUS we review both insane trailers for Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, talk major movie casting news and a WHOLE BUNCH MORE!! I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Don’t forget to check out our other show The Weekly Wrap for all your comic book tv recaps and check out Andrew in Serious Issues with new episodes available on iTunes weekly!


Avoid the spoilers!

News: 2:00

Legion With Serious Issues: 41:49

Comic of the Week: 1:24:50


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